mardi 30 octobre 2007

Communiqué officiel du gouvernorat du Gauteng sur l'accord de coopération province de Gauteng (RAS) - province du Katanga (RDC)! In English...

Source :site officiel de la RAS; "Office of Premier, Gauteng Provincial Government"
Date de survenance :30 octobre 2007
Date de première publication sur Internet :31 octobre 2007

Texte intégral :
Gauteng signs co-operative agreement with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) province.

The Premier of Gauteng Mbhazima Shilowa has signed an agreement with the Governor of the Katanga province Moise Katumbi Chapwe to promote trade and investment between the 2 provinces.

The declaration of intent, signed during a visit by the Premier to the Katanga province on Tuesday, 30 October 2007, proposes a twinning arrangement between the 2 economic powerhouses and co-operation to promote economic development, science, technology, sport, culture, education and health.

It also envisages exchanges in expertise to build skills capacity in the Katanga province and training for administrative official.

The Premier describes the signing of the agreement as "the beginning of a journey to be travelled by the 2 provinces" to respond to the challenges of poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment.

The twinning agreement we are signing must be used attain these goals.

At the same time we must use the agreement to strengthen the structures of government," said Shilowa.

He said Gauteng and Katanga had important roles in the national life of the people in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

If we want to grow the economy of South Africa, we have to grow the economy of Gauteng more. Similarly if we want to grow the economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo, we have to grow the economy of Katanga more," said Shilowa.

Governor Chapwe said the declaration of intent between the 2 provinces provided Katanga with a precious opportunity to realise its potential in tourism, agriculture, mining and electricity supply.

It marked the start of a new political era that will see the development of a new co-operative zone through the exchange of expertise in different fields.

He said his government intended to promote, in the best interest of its people, exchanges in health, education and the creation of small-scale enterprises to create employment and for the achievement of social stability.

The 2 leaders also agreed on the hosting of a trade and investment summit to expose investors in both provinces to investment opportunities and to provide a platform for the establishment of business linkages.

During his short visit, the Premier was taken on a tour of inspection to projects that South African companies were involved in.
These included projects in mining and in real estate.

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Note du collecteur :
voilà un exemple de site institutionnel !
Le Premier du Gauteng ou le président Mbeki ne pourrait-il offrir le code source ou du moins un "transfert de connaissances" à la province du Katanga , dont le site reste invisible ?

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